True North Bus Skoolie Anniversary

Our school bus conversion journey began 1 year ago!! It's time to CELEBRATE!! We cannot believe it's been 1 year already. It seems like yesterday we were going to purchase the school bus. Most days, it still feels like a dream! This entire project has completely changed our lives! There has definitely been ups and... Continue Reading →


Becoming The Change

Change /CHānj/: noun: the act or instance of making or becoming different. We are making a conscious decision to become the change we dream about. Change is sometimes inevitable but it can also be a choice. Changes can be as small as changing out your plastic bags to reusable bags or as large as changing... Continue Reading →

The Purge: 28 Days = 406 Items

With the universe aligning for change, we decided to ride the wave of energy. Change has been our main focus for the past year. The change all started when we purchased the school bus and dedicated our lives to building a home that would allow us more freedom. Evaluating what ties us down is a... Continue Reading →

Why We Chose a School Bus Conversion

After college graduation, stumbling through different jobs, trying to make ends meet, and spending less and less time with each other, we decided we wanted a change. And when I say we wanted a change, we wanted to completely change our entire lifestyle. We spent a many of nights, staying up late, chatting about what... Continue Reading →

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